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Funkamateur DJ2GMS
=> mit seiner Deutschen Pinscher Hündin Abby on Tour.

Abby Sports Team .. neugierig .. klick hier.

=> FotoGalerie BBT Februar 2018 auf der ALB (klick).

=> Zwei "unzertrennliche Funkamateure" unter sich -
eine kleine Foto-Geschichte zum schmunzeln ..

Initial activation of DLFF-0421 Integral nature reserve Zwing.

Equipment used:
FT-891 set to 100watts, Heil headset.
Antenna: Spiderbeam Aerial-51 Model 404-UL as inverted-vee apex appr.
6m agl, 12Ah LiFePo4 battery. Logging was done with VK-port-a-log on my Android smartphone.

Operator in working position (at the background the abbey of Neresheim):

as always accompanied by my dogs - looking for something else -:)

DJ2GMS_DLFF-0421_my dog Abby

some stats:
DJ2GMS_DLFF-0421_qso-map  DJ2GMS_DLFF-0421_qso-statistics

Herewith the last flora fauna park in Baden Württemberg is activated.
Tnx to all callers for their patience and the nice contacts. It was my pleisure working all of you.

A special qsl card will be send as soon as the log is in the WFF database.

hpe to catch you on the bands gl es vy 73 de Jens


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